Keto Resources and Information

I highly recommend watching these videos to understand Keto, the science behind Ketosis and what benefits you might get from following a Keto protocol.

Keto has become super popular in the last couple of years so there are a lot of quacks out there who don’t take the time to really research ketosis and put out misinformation or cite studies that are completely useless and say that ketosis is dangerous or not maintainable long term.  If you have certain medical conditions ketosis may be dangerous so it is important to consult a doctor who is familiar with Ketosis and Ketogenic Nutrition science.  Most doctors are towing the line and prescribing the shitty Standard American Diet (SAD Diet).  These doctors do not understand Ketosis or the recent science behind it.

Dr Stephen Phinney of Virta Health is a pioneer in Ketogenic nutrition and has studied this for quite some time.  He has published many papers and organized many studies to understand the benefits of Ketosis.

I also recommend checking out Dom D’Agostino at

I first heard about Dom on the Tim Ferris podcast:

Dom D’Agostino on Fasting, Ketosis, and the End of Cancer – Tim Ferris blog and podcast.