Mouth Pleasure

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I have searched long and hard but have yet to find evidence of a person being forced to eat a donut at gunpoint.

Eating crap is nothing more than mouth pleasure.  Short lived and pointless.

I don’t need mouth pleasure.

I don’t need mouth pleasure to perform at the top levels of my chosen sport: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

I don’t need dopamine to hit the pleasure receptors of my brain after I pass some sugar down my gullet.

Yes, I enjoy and take great pleasure from eating a perfectly cooked beef tenderloin wrapped in bacon.  But I take just as much pleasure knowing that my body is getting critical nutrients.  Nutrients that when broken down will give my body the nourishment it needs to rebuild, get stronger, and be better.

Its too easy to focus purely on feeding your face only because you are trying to maximize mouth pleasure.  Do you even care about the nutrient content of your food, or the effect it will have on your body and mind?

I’m in control of what I eat, and choose to nourish my body.   This is the long game.  This is delayed gratification.  This is a thousand decisions over a week that accumulate to build a something better.

I’m sick and tired of people copping out, complaining that they don’t have enough willpower to make lasting changes.  Easy solution: choose not to put that crap in your pie hole.  Stop being lazy.  Decide that you actually want to change and do it.  Stop letting yourself down because every time you do its easier to do it again.

Food is a drug.

Junkies are obsessed with the next hit, sacrificing anything to feed the demon riding their back controlling them.  How is a sugar bump different than an injection of heroin?  Or a drag from a cigarette?  All, if left uncontrolled, have the potential to kill you.

I wonder what a heroin commercial would look like?  Probably similar to a Coke or Pepsi commercial.

All smiles.