Food Log – 03-09-2020 – Carnivore 3/45

Normal day. Still getting over this cough. I feel fine just have a phlegmy cough that is not very attractive. I sat in the Sauna and steamed some Eucalyptus to help clear out the lungs and sinus. I haven’t been training since Wednesday of last week to give my body time to rest, i’m really bored. Need to train!

Food Log – 03-08-2020 – Carnivore 2/45

Second day of Carnivore. Went a lot better today being at home and having more control over what I was eating. I grilled up a bunch of hamburger and cooked 4 steaks in my Sous Vide … ate two of them (wife ate one) and have 2.5 ribeye steaks for the next couple days.

Food Log – 03-07-2020 – Carnivore 1/45

First full day of 100% compliance on the Carnivore Diet. Today was tough because we took a road trip up to Prescott/Jerome AZ so I had to wing it most of the day.

Breakfast was a typical egg scramble for me.

We stopped at Safeway and I bought some shredded dark meat chicken, 6 hard boiled eggs, and a pack of cheese slices. I put them in a cold bag and snacked on them during the drive.

We ate dinner in Jerome and I ordered a burger added an extra patty and didn’t eat anything but the burger, cheese and eggs.

I drank water and Iced tea… not sure if Iced Tea counts, but i’m lumping it in the “Coffee is OK” logical category.

I feel great, no cravings yesterday. My stomach felt great, no discomfort and no bloating or gas. Typically I fart at least a few times a day… not yesterday.

I’m hungry this morning as usual. Just drank some black coffee.