Carnivore/Zero Carb Experiment

I’ve decided to transition to the Carnivore/Zero Carb style of nutrition for at least 30-45 days to see how it goes. The intention of this transition is to see if I experience any sort of benefit from the complete elimination of plant antigens and any plant based foods that may be causing allergic reactions or autoimmune responses.

Check out Dr. Shaw Baker’s book – “The Carnivore Diet” available on

This nutrition program has been described as an extreme “Elimination Diet” which is a tool used to identify foods that cause issues in an attempt to build a customized nutrition program for an individual.

I’ve ordered a Food Sensitivity test from Everlywell (Referral Link) so I can find out what foods I will want to avoid when I start adding plant based foods back in after the 30-45 days.

Just ordered my Food Sensitivity test, hopefully I’m not sensitive to Meat haha

I also have relatively recent lab work which tested my Cholesterol and other metabolic indicators. I’m going to retest after 45 days of Carnivore and see if anything changed.

I’m also going to continue to monitor Ketones and Blood Pressure over the 30-45 days.

The Plan:

2500-3000 calories / day – Target Daily Energy Expedeture (TDEE) and caloric intake goal.

Approx 200-225 grams protein / day

Approx 185-200 grams fat / day (Fat at 1:1 Fat/Protein Cal Ratio)

20-25 grams Collagen / day – 10 grams for every 100 grams of protein.

1/2 tablespoon Bone Meal per day – Calcium, Boron

2oz of Organ Meat / day – Beef Liver Jerky

.5 tablespoon of salmon roe – Omega 3s

Sea salt is the only spice used

4-6 raw eggs per day just yokes

  • Omega 3s: wild salmon, low mercury fish, salmon roe (eggs) is preferred
  • Fat: 1 gram of protein = 1 gram of fat. you can play around with this.

These guidelines were taken from this video, I suggest you watch it:

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